Baidu quality promotion into the highest reward policy line is divided into 15%

October 28th Admin5 stationmaster net news: October 27th, Baidu alliance "network alliance promotion incentives into high quality" officially launched. With immediate effect, when the member in the quality of the code to achieve the extension of the corresponding ratio, you can enjoy the 5%~15% into rewards. The new policy requires the union members in accordance with the norms of tuning of the promotion; and please not complete code upgrade membership in November 1st a comprehensive upgrade to the "complete code code code as soon as possible before the upgrade; it is also recommended that members of the" promotion "segmentation management, optimization and promotion effect.

announcement details:

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Baidu alliance members, Hello:

Baidu alliance "network alliance promotion quality divided into reward policy" in October 27th on the line, now, when the members put to reach the corresponding ratio in the promotion of quality of the code, you can enjoy the 5%~15% into reward.

do a good job of three, enjoy sharing rewards:


code tuning network alliance promotionIn line with the

standard under the premise of business cooperation, to tune the promotion, as far as possible to increase the promotion of the first screen on the network (such as the first code on the screen, the first screen banner, the first screen, on the sidebar) more, enjoy more rewards into.

2 please do not complete the code upgrade members to complete the upgrade as soon as possible:

code Wangmeng to promote cooperation in November 1, 2010 will be fully upgraded to "code code", in order not to affect the normal work, please check the replacement schedule as soon as possible to complete the upgrade code.

details can refer to:

if you are a Baidu advertising housekeeper user code can be upgraded on network reference: kz=850868420


3 on the promotion bit for subdivision Management:

for the promotion of different positions, even though there was no significant difference between the code style, proposed subdivision promotion, create different effects on independent web promotion code.

There are three advantages of

subdivision promotion:

– confuse the different effects of the promotion bit, will not be conducive to the promotion of the quality of the identification of the system, resulting in members can not enjoy the enjoyment of sharing;

– easy to track the effects of different promotion bit, more simple and convenient to achieve the optimization of the code location and style;

— help to optimize positioning network alliance promotion content.


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