Delete posts paid behind the network rent seeking money delete the interests of the chain pull many


dedicated to delete the negative information on the web page of the PR company, some companies even promised that we can not delete posts".

reporter in the online search about delete posts content, find a lot of advertising associated with it. Network screenshot

reporter in the online search delete posts content

  delete a post 500 yuan to $2000, a monthly account, directly through the Internet bank transfer money…… Public relations companies take the initiative to search for government, corporate negative information, and then through the relevant site staff to delete posts, and pay a fee. In this process, the public relations company has successfully attracted to a Beijing Public Security Bureau network security corps police.

reporter recently learned, to 2012, the personnel involved in at least a dozen people were controlled, part of the staff have been in the second half of last year have been indicted, at least two of the case lawyers said, after hearing the prosecution for supplementary investigation, notify the court of Fengtai lawyers to postpone this month 19 days, when the court is the exact message.

"money delete" the interests of the chain pull over


report reveal paid posts many website managers, shady; media company responsible person, the police have been arrested.

2012, Haidian Procuratorate in Beijing city first informed along with employees of the Baidu Inc involved the arrest of message delete.

was the arrest of Baidu Inc is the original community search Senior Product Operations Management Specialist Xu Ning, head of Baidu Post Bar in main complaints and main audit work. Prosecutors accused him of working with Baidu, after the deputy director of the M & M network community operations Lv Weilong, using his position to facilitate the people paid delete posts.

evidence shows that Xu Ning case originated from Baidu Inc in the internal inspection process of the discovery of the establishment and revocation of "small" operation, after Xu Ning admitted collusion external personnel toll delete posts in Baidu Inc in July 2012 13, the public security organs.

after the court found that from May 29, 2012 to June 8th, Xu Ning, Lv Weilong, a total of two people engaged in illegal delete post operation for the second time, delete more than 300 posts, and received a total of RMB 67400 yuan. In June last year, the Haidian court of first instance to non national staff bribery were sentenced to two years in prison, Lv Weilong imprisonment for one year and six months.

Xu Ning, also opened a corner site staff paid delete posts shady.

on Baidu reported to the police three days later, also worked in Baidu, after a deputy general manager of a media company was detained by the Haidian Public Security Bureau Criminal detention. It is understood that the company was founded by Gu’s brother, a brother in charge of financial affairs.

according to the police to submit the approval of the arrest of the book shows that the company is suspected of being suspected in the Internet search for government, enterprise class >

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