The 2013 day just a small electricity supplier nine electric shock will fall

review 2013, it is not difficult to think of those new or new electric shock. However, there is a rise in the decline, 2013 also let us see a lot of down the enterprise. Whether it is called a pioneer, or as a negative material, their failure can bring some thinking. Let us remember those in 2013 in the wave of electricity supplier sank ship.

excellent dish network — fresh net

fearless exploration

at the beginning of January 2013, due to financing difficulties, fresh electricity supplier excellent dish network announced the transfer. It was founded in 2010, is China’s first batch of new products to try the B2C model of the electricity supplier business, was founded shortly after the 2 million angel investment, and then announced the realization of profit. However, in good times don’t last long in less than three years, the next time it has experienced from the brilliant to withering process.

comments: fresh electricity supplier started selling small, it is difficult to achieve direct docking with the origin, which can not control the quality and price of the product at the source, the supply chain short board show. Coupled with membership shopping threshold is too high, not flexible enough to pay the way, can not guarantee the shopping experience, warehousing and logistics costs are too high and blind expansion, excellent food network eventually fell. Fresh electricity supplier, although there is a huge market space, but in China exactly what mode to be explored.

ten thousand moles – grocery to do electricity providers to try

at the beginning of 2013, Huarun group set up online mall – ten thousand Moore outage, project failure. Once in the supermarket business vanguard Moore, the world famous grocery, health beauty, digital 3C, and with clothing, books, baby products, more than 20000 kinds of commodities. It is mainly for Hongkong, Macao region to provide online shopping and life services, in 2009 to expand the mainland and overseas business.

comments: Huarun to enter the electricity supplier has been in a conservative state of operation. Domestic counterparts there is no mature profit model and successful case because the implementation of vanguard Moore project electricity supplier is overcautious. In addition, the system limitations lead to move, team factions also restrict the operation of the market, the rate difference is squeezing the living space, very careful attempt failed.

tiger Tesco Foxconn expansion slip to

at the beginning of 2013, Foxconn’s business tiger Tesco into liquidation, bankruptcy. Foxconn group was founded in 2009 pathway e-commerce division, responsible for the operation of the business in August 2010, tiger Tesco officially launched from the group independent pathway. The chairman of the board of directors by the IT world leader Du Jiabin. Only to a group from internal staff open, tiger Tesco operating income more than 6000 yuan and profits in 2010, open to the society but after years of losses.

comment: for electronic products produced by Foxconn, tiger Tesco and no price advantage, the first agent failed to get the product price, Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong are often more expensive. At the same time, manage >

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