Google push How top level domain name do you know why

[Abstract] the domain name ".How" provides a new destination for those sites that provide experience content.


TNW Chinese station on February 5th reported

U.S. ICANN open top-level domain, the emergence of a variety of dazzling outside the.Com new top-level domain name. The day before, Google (micro-blog) also began a new unwilling to remain out of the limelight, the top-level domain name "operating their access to.How".

as everyone knows, the search engine and the Internet has become the common people for life experience and professional skills of the destination, and Google this top-level domain, to those websites dedicated to provide experience content, provides a new destination.

at present, Google’s domain name service GoogleRegistry has been open.How top-level domain name registration, for all the world and others want to share the experience of individuals and companies.

in accordance with Google’s vision, if we can all experience education, websites are placed in the ".How" with a top-level domain, will help users quickly find the site in line with their needs.

revealed in the official Google blog, and there have been a number of individuals and companies to register ".How" top-level domain, which includes air parachute, master of small businesses, video game developers, nonprofit organizations and teachers etc..

Google also said that in reality, more netizens love search "how to do, how to do", rather than "five W" (who, what, when, where, He Gu). They seek experience guides through blog posts, videos, online books, interactive tutorials and other websites. And if these elements belong to the.How domain name, allowing users to more convenient access.

domain name is still an infrastructure service for the internet. It is worth mentioning that Google is expanding its business in the domain name domain. In mid January, Google announced that it will open the domain name registration services to all individuals and businesses in the United States, officially ending the experimental operation of the invitation model. (Chen Xi)

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