UUCall com domain name to restore access to Hk domain name reserved for use

          Admin5 station network March 1st news: it is reported that the Internet phone service website UUCall uucall.com now mainstream suffixes to restore access to the domain name, previously due to failure of UUCall accessing follow Google HK enabled a new domain name uucall.hk.

 Enter the domain name

uucall.com access Web site can be displayed properly, the home page is a blue sky and white clouds and green trees warm color pictures, pictures are also marked with "UUCall Chinese phone network is the most influential Internet phone brand" and other words, the picture below is 66Call, KC and the other pictures and landing site of port.

66Call, KC and other knowledge, the UUCall network is speech competition, the home appears this several pictures show UUCall and the rival "shake hands" partners, or it will imply in domestic telephone network will usher in a new development.

February 14th, uucall.com domain name can not be used normally, enter the domain name access to jump to video chat dating site ddpoo.com, UUcall released the official announcement said that since February 12th the full opening of the Hongkong domain name uucall.hk, the COM domain name domain name can still be restored using HK, normal use.

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