Community e commerce needs innovation not plagiarism

With the prevalence of the community network,

is more and more important. Among them, the consumer sharing community is currently very popular in the community of e-commerce sites, there are more well-known beauty,, etc., but also the industry to write a friend to use the experience.

next, I also talk about the use of these two consumer sharing community site experience. The good thing is, this kind of consumption sharing community website, did make us feel "a new experience + e-commerce" to bring online shopping, online shopping to feel more interesting, more real, like shopping with friends, together with the evaluation of a dress is like that "".

in addition, the consumption share community also let traffic stretched Taobao C2C sellers to find a good way to import traffic. Allow buyers to participate in the sharing of the shopping experience, but also to be able to get paid, micro-blog, SNS implants in shopping, this model is indeed very innovative.

however, after experiencing the beauty,, found that these sites are too much like, whether it is UI design, or business models are almost no difference. But both have a common disadvantage, is the community interaction interaction is too little, which stays at the shopping level, not rich, so can only attract those shopping users, stickiness and user problems increment. Because of this consumption sharing community sites are too similar, in the design and operation of the site itself needs innovation, otherwise difficult to achieve differentiation.

said: "beauty is very clear and the MM online shopping will go shopping together, easy Amoy clothes", target user groups, and its vertical consumption share of community targeted, although this narrowing of the crowd in community, but is conducive to the accumulation in the field of senior users; product design intimate place "Master, online shopping, pick clothes, a good reputation for online shopping, group purchase shop" non users are really good with depth. However, the content of the community is relatively simple, there is no active consumer demand is difficult to generate the power of landing communities.

The positioning of is similar to that of beauty, and there are many similarities in UI design. It is said that beauty has a stylish Master resource is very powerful, the gang began in the beautiful play, but soon, will be content down. Another example, many college girls in the beautiful play, as seen in the campus correspondent, not many girls, was shot down, but these correspondent film things, will chop down, causing the user outrage.

from the current point of view, the threshold is not high consumption sharing communities, many companies and individuals can quickly enter the industry. The key to consumer sharing community is the operation, especially the combination of online and offline, as well as some micro innovation. But China’s Internet plagiarism winds up in the emerging consumer sharing community, which will harm the emerging industry. hopes to through innovation, quickly create a new community e-commerce template, not only leaving opponents put all sorts of things together, this machine.

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