SARFT again on the video site bright red card

SARFT and then open a ticket on the video site, 28 Internet Co random checks were warned or ordered to stop.


punishment on and many other video sites in March this year, the State Administration of radio, film and television on May 20th and the second batch of 28 Internet Co out of the ticket, the 8 companies have been ordered to stop business. This is following the national copyright administration, and a crackdown on illegal units in charge of the video site behavior.

two months ago, the National Copyright Administration announced on the video site violations of the crackdown, and announced the establishment of a network copyright supervision platform in June, second tickets on the heels of sarft. It is reported that SARFT on April 2008 – May on the part of the site to carry out second cases of audio-visual services. The inspection results than in March this year for the first time has improved, but there are still many companies published containing pornography, terrorism, endangering national security content such as audio and video programs, or without authorization to engage in Internet audio-visual program service and often spread does not comply with national regulations and other issues of audio-visual programs. Individual sites also frequently change the way the server access to evade the management of the inspection and punishment.

the SARFT according to relevant regulations, and to download Thunder movie I show net 8 sites to make audio-visual programs shall be ordered to stop business for punishment; bird film forum, BT film heaven 20 websites were given a warning punishment.

for the punishment, Tudou, excellent as the network, cool 6 nets and other well-known companies in the industry have expressed support, saying it was not affected. Cool 6 aspects of the network, said SARFT punishment is very strict, but for the industry is good, and said it will strictly internal review process, do their own thing.

HomeV video search network CEO He Xingxi said that the video site is the recent hot concern, strict management of the national authority is good for the industry, "the main object of national supervision is in breach of the company, we have no influence on the".

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