U S short rental website Airbnb debt financing 1 billion funding expansion plan

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on June 16th news, according to foreign media reports, informed sources said that the United States short rental website Airbnb has received a number of major U.S. banks to provide 1 billion U.S. dollars in debt. The money will help Airbnb develop new services to fund expansion plans.


informed sources said that the debt transactions by JP Morgan chase, Citigroup and Bank of America led the arrangement, and also involved in the Morgan stanley.

this financing will provide more funding for Airbnb’s global growth strategy to expand outside of the housing lease business. Airbnb is building a new travel service business, is currently being publicized through television advertising, hoping to get users through this expensive publicity.


Airbnb has not yet announced its IPO plan (IPO), but the investment banks tend to arrange debt loans for successful Private Companies, with the hopes of creating relations like IPO won the underwriter’s future business.

Airbnb on the last round of financing valued at $25 billion 500 million. Uber’s current valuation of about $68 billion, has raised more than $11 billion through equity and debt financing. When Uber completed the latest round of debt financing, the total financing will increase at least $1 billion.

Airbnb, Bank of America and Citigroup spokesman declined to comment. JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley spokesman declined to comment. (compiler / Xiao rain)

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