The nternet thinking how to sell cantaloupe zero capital operation O2O and achieve sales of 20 thou

I graduated as a management trainee joined the group of the United States, the first is the market and traditional retail channels for the United States, dealing with Gome, Suning, Carrefour, WAL-MART these traditional retailers; later transferred to United States, group headquarters, responsible for the group, electronic commerce, standing in the 40 billion group to plan the United States how to carry out electronic commerce, and Tmall, Jingdong, excellence and other dealings, it is in the United States experience let me have the retail base is quite solid and high enough to leave after the first sight; beauty is to do electronic business in Guangzhou is small household appliances operation, implementation of the monthly sales exceeded ten million in less than a year’s time; then do e-commerce strategy training, the creation of e-commerce strategy class president, for the traditional business owners about how to develop e-commerce, get numerous traditional enterprises The respect of the boss, I can also be transferred from the traditional industry to the electricity supplier in the field.

with the constant subversion of traditional e-commerce retail, can not stand the temptation, I decided to launch the electricity supplier business. 2011 and MBA students in Zhongshan underwear vertical BTC platform business, when it was the most popular moment of the concept of vertical BTC most popular. I am full of passion to fight, but to but the cruel reality, I tried to build the BTC platform has become a minor member of numerous failures in the BTC platform, China in the wave of Internet is not a little spray already fall. The venture lost all my savings, but also owed some debt. By the end of 2012 is one disaster after another examination by my mother suffering from esophageal cancer and lung cancer, I left the struggle for many years in Guangdong, returned to his hometown in Shandong, to accompany her mother with the treatment, go to hell together. The first half of 2013, the mother’s condition is stable, I also ended up to three years of MBA study, officially graduated from school. At this time I face a major life choices, employment or continue to venture?

employment, with experience and resources, can easily find a suitable to hailun traditional enterprise electronic commerce; business, now I have nothing, still owe a debt, is a debtor, what can go to business? Some people are restless, some people born with entrepreneurial the gene, maybe I is such a person, natural love toss, it is difficult for me to walk over the entrepreneurial employment way, but hope again through their own efforts to create the future and career. After a period of time to consider and screening, I decided to start again, and the direction of the business I choose the most challenging electricity supplier in the field, the most difficult fresh food e-commerce. The last piece of blue ocean fresh food e-commerce known as the electricity supplier in the field, but also the difficulty of the largest and most competitive, many corporations invested tens of millions, or even a few million of the money to do this one, still no profit, but still attracts millions of people one after another into it.

I have nothing, poor and blank, what to rely on the electricity supplier in the field of climbing Mount Qomolangma? Way more than difficult, through communication and for a period of time, I start again set sail in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, were cultivated in fresh electricity supplier in the field of food > Yun

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