WeChat public number template marketing refers to the display of the sale of business without help

WeChat public number template marketing refers to the display of the sale of business without help

some time ago WeChat official requirements can not be played in the circle of friends like to share with the induction of activities, so that the majority of the public number of WeChat overwhelmed. At the same time, prohibit public acts of mutual promotion in the content, to gather public publishing the contents of the third party platform value all gone.

at the same time, other departments of Tencent Inc has launched the "bell" and "marketing QQ micro site template products, relying on the template for the survival of the WeChat service provider is one disaster after another. These events, leading to a large number of recent concerns about the future of WeChat third party service providers.

in fact, WeChat official ban marketing program is to develop a good environment for WeChat. WeChat marketing activities of enterprises or the third party, should focus more on activities for communication between the user and friends value, and the integration of technical means to use more normative level interface, determine the data and activity rules. For example: some time ago, Joyoung Steamed Buns machine listed WeChat, to invite five friends to help complete the five steps for making Steamed Buns rules, there were more than two days tens of thousands of users initiate activities, which is a direct relationship between friends and friends, rather than harassment sets praise, it is the enterprise marketing activities should be the development direction of WeChat.

template of the micro site as the content of the enterprise WeChat load, seemingly convenient, but in fact, the number of companies operating WeChat public no help at all. A large number of templates as a static bearing of the information, with the bulk of the message function to send information to fans, which is the idea of most enterprises operating micro signal. In fact, most users do not want to be sent to the public with his personal information unrelated to his constant harassment.

public number should consider how to serve your fans. China Merchants Bank credit card service WeChat is a successful case for having heard it many times: the user is bound to a credit card, can directly query in WeChat integral as well as the credit card consumer receives notice. Such membership services, so that users can not do without your public number. Therefore, the first step in the public number of the enterprise, we must complete the integration of member binding services. And then interact with members. The interactive program, it is not immutable and frozen template type activities, such as: smashing the golden egg, open chest, scratch cards, for the user, there is no feeling of playing time.

good interactive activities to combine the current popularity and season, and cross integration with the original members. For example: L’OREAL group’s high-end brand small box micro signal in White Valentine’s day, integration was the most popular from the stars you launched an interactive stars Valentine’s cards, greeting cards at the same time, users can also effectively into and integral member of the public, the cumulative.

development WeChat electricity supplier confusion and choice

micro letter opened after payment, a large number of public business, saw the new world as if crazy.

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