How to use CSDN to promote

we all know, Baidu related products will have a relatively good ranking, and the role of Baidu library is obvious. So we can use Baidu related products in the search engine ranking advantage, get good rankings, but we all know that the user directly search possibilities we submitted the document name not; on the other hand, we commit to let more people in the search for the same types of problems, such as second-hand information, we can see the document, which is also conducive to brand promotion. In fact, we pay more attention to the latter. So, any way to expand the site’s exposure, we should try. So, CSDN should be a way that we can take advantage of.

CSDN is mainly associated with IT practitioners to participate in more than one site, and it comes to IT, it certainly has a lot of intersection with the Internet industry where we are. So we can use, such as the upload documents function, we can also do similar to Baidu library related work.

how do you do that,


shape as shown below:


practice, practice is also with us in the Baidu library as it after we operate the articles posted to the CSDN resource area, also can achieve the propaganda of our website, to enhance the brand image.

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