Web site to promote soft how to write more fresh

often someone asked me to write soft wen. There is no better way to promote the premise of the site, perhaps with the help of soft Wen is a good choice.

today to write this article, it is hoped to provide suggestions on soft Wen at the same time, I also request to write soft text, and often communicate with my friends how to write a good article, a formal reply. The following are my humble opinion:

written a soft Wen, you must first hold the service attitude; secondly, the spirit of the third, having substance in speech writing skills; must have proper rendering, impress people, seize the users preferences; fourth, to put the soft Wen written for the purpose of classic.

talk about the first point. I think this is the author of the most difficult to do, but it is the most basic steps should be done. Write a soft Wen, of course, the primary purpose is to sell their products, to promote their own website. However, if we write the article, the purpose of the first place, it can basically determine the fate of this article.

our soft writing, always remember: promote your products should never be the first to put in the most important position, tying up your marketing objective, is the right way. We know that there is an idiom called subtle, when you read the soft text is really a service user, the user completely caught, it can be imagined that the purpose of your incidental, will be how the identity of


second, is relatively simple, she is an extension of the first step, so I put her alone, because many authors writing, or false, cheat, or simply in the forum posted a MM picture, and then with a link, "more beautiful map, please……" This, to practice, not only is hate, let netizen doubt on your website ability, development of the site is fatal; another kind is soft, very well written, good to readers after reading, will only fall into a reverie on incidental links, for the keyword, flat and uninteresting. Many soft ruzuochunfeng read, like prose poems, and the need to publicize the keyword, the frequency is low, that is to say, the soft have the order reversed phenomenon.

these are the more common two conditions, the actual problems may be encountered a lot more. How to prevent this phenomenon? This requires the writer must walk a fine line, write text is neither simple nor posted dogskin plaster to show off your talent, how good. A soft, want to have words with content, having substance in speech.

third points, to seize the users love, and then match up. If this can not be done, the excavation of potential customers is very inefficient. The object of a lot of soft writing is too broad, the lack of specific users of psychology, hobbies. Write soft, try to be tailored, you are the target users favorite sports, then you can talk less about entertainment gossip, although not what clear boundaries between the two, so that you can concentrate on writing a >

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