WeChat marketing analysis more effort on demand and interaction

these two months, WeChat marketing like crazy in the spread. I have been concerned about this new thing, gradually, with some views, today may wish to share.

I was concerned about the "Lee Hom", I say a word to him, he soon came back for a long speech, and then say, don’t talk to me. I knew from the beginning, it must be made by machine, out of curiosity, I often talk with him, do not have the reply, reply is that who said the words can be fun. One day, suddenly received Lee Hom sent to the WeChat, which said his concert in Jiaxing, I think this is also recorded by WeChat unified platform to send it.

and I because of a McDonald’s Campaign, pay attention to the "pyroglyphidae thief", and every day he gave me a push of a multimedia information, some graphics, some links, open is a short film or tape, generally is that some of this is called "pyroglyphidae thief" Campaign. Every time, I thought he was a bit amused.

go to Lingyin Temple Starbucks point large magnetic cup, through a two-dimensional code plus the Starbucks China, the results for three consecutive days to push me to Starbucks’s promotional information and new products.

curious I added a lot of this number, mostly the same results.

I ask myself, is this a fire? The answer seems to be yes.

I asked myself second questions: what is the scope of this play fire


asked a lot of people around, the feedback is much the same, the brand with WeChat as a friend, are "push information, at the same time, the" harassment "and" not what number "mentioned soared. I asked them if they would point inside the link, the reply is curious point, but found that after the ad is not the point.

I have a variety of online marketing forums and other places to see, the information is not the same. Brands and marketing organizations generally believe that WeChat marketing is very effective, can let users active attention, and can be very accurate to push information, information arrival rate 100%, CPM rarely have such a low cost of the channel.

I firmly believe that a successful marketing approach, we must make the brand and consumers are happy, are willing to profit from. The current WeChat marketing approach, it seems to reach this standard.

I asked myself, why do brands like this way?


I collected some of the most sought after methods, and wrote what I thought was true.


through this arrangement, I found that these brands sought after, there is one thing in common, that is particularly suitable for push information".

compared to micro-blog, phase

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