WeChat powder combat two Tencent news

"teacher, you teach me how to add WeChat fans!" "teacher, how can I find them?"

"teacher,…… "

on WeChat and QQ often meet a lot of people who are not my VIP members, to ask me to ask this kind of question, sometimes I feel too busy.

has been thinking, these people are not my VIP members, or free to ask.

I think of VIP, I also do not recruit it?

is not a good way, it seems that the trick is necessary, but the price side should be raised!

how much is the price of this VIP mentioned right?

I’ll think about it a little more than $5000.

rich, I have power!

and as long as you are willing to pay, you will cherish the hard won learning environment!

it’s good for you and me, why not?

I’m sorry, just beside the point.

tonight, continue to share WeChat nutrition combat, let us learn some useful skills!

is now the majority of Internet users, access to news and information, are obtained through online reading.

some of the hot news, every day attracted millions of views a little too much!

a news, is not equivalent to a medium-sized website?

see a news release yesterday recommended the 3W number of Tencent, keep abreast, this page, I estimate that at least 1 million of browsing.


in particular, for such a large volume of Tencent platform, to be able to use, it is very good.

how do we generally use this platform? Money issued a press release? Vote soft? Direct money advertising?

for those of us who can not afford to do it.

what can we do?

news comment!

look at everyone, my test screenshot:


at the same time, we can see a similar approach in the news,



do you understand that these techniques have been used to rot it?!

but what about us? We don’t know or find out how to play!

believe that these pictures of friends, know how to operate. I flap

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