Content is king era you must grasp the ten key principles of content marketing


in the laboratory, hundreds of has a doctorate in mathematicians to delve into the search engine and the algorithm tries to find effective ways to let people pay attention to, love the content and enhance the user experience, they are looking for high quality content, and have good content for.

content is the lifeblood of the information network built by search engines and social networks. Whether you are focused on social media, search engine optimization or internet marketing, build your own content marketing strategies and systems are very necessary.

The evolution of

content marketing is changing with the change of social media. Smart social media marketers do not intend to continue to do Zuckerberg’s plaything, they began to realize that they can not blindly follow the footsteps of Facebook and community, real gold content is the key.

grasp the direction and trend of online content, combined with high-quality content creation and planning is the key to the future. No longer alone, the content marketing DNA into sales and operations, let the attention to the right direction. Next, we take a closer look at the ten key principles of content marketing.

1, do everything possible to create the best quality content

good content is the key. However, it is easy to say, but not easy to implement. The creation of memorable content can come in handy, but traceable. In the "Made to Stick" this book, the author describes the creation of high quality content of the six principles:

· simple and intuitive

· surprising

· specific details

· credible and reliable

· full of emotional

· story complete

if you can create and modify the content based on these principles, at least let your content to a higher level, to lay a solid foundation for the next marketing.

2, a cool Title

do not like the title of the party, you have to admit that this is an inevitable trend. In the past, people have to buy books and newspapers and magazines to get content, generally speaking, the content of their own money to buy more ugly also want to endure reading.


but in social networks are not so free content is everywhere, if you’re heading, cool enough, not enough, not enough eye-catching catch heart and not burst, so will the reader to ignore is abandoned by the user.

actual transient, every text window of time is very short, transient time of each title minefield, both in Facebook and Twitter>

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