The stationmaster had to face a single marketing mode switch

from the denial of the chain tool to talk about the chain to judge, from the chain to determine the pomegranate algorithm, Baidu has taken more and more measures to purify the Internet environment. In this one under the influence of the algorithm update, more and more webmaster friends to the confusion. Recently there have been three friends and the guardian gave a farewell: elder brother, I switch to a website is not done, the Links went to


these days have been observing the contents of the webmaster forum to discuss the content, found that nothing more than the Baidu update. A lot of friends directly tell their own confusion, but there are still some webmaster friends Taishan collapse in the former and remain calm, because they do the users, the website presents the value, a loyal user groups, Baidu algorithm change how impact on their website without. Then why so many owners had to switch to


one: too many webmaster marketing model is very simple.

for the webmaster friends, we think of is fast ranking, fast to flow, and then quickly make money. We think of an ideal way: SEO rapid optimization. Use SEO means to quickly make their site in the search engine has a good ranking, expect to make money through search engines. However, with the change of the search engine, more and more sites have no ranking, no flow, the webmaster appeared riots. In fact, many times we have overlooked an important factor, we just want to show the flow through the search engine, why not think about other marketing mode? Is like QQ group marketing, many webmaster friends but feel that time is too long, can’t hold on. In fact, we have only one purpose, so that more people come to our website, the formation of exchange transactions. So why do you have to stick to it? The guardian, who passed the test yesterday, left a message in an article in Lu Songsong, where more than and 10 of his blogs were drained from his blog. This is a very good description of a problem, we do not have to promote their own websites in search engines have a good ranking. Our marketing model is not too simple.

two: in addition to search engines, I really can not think of where the traffic.

believe that many webmaster, especially beginners webmaster have found their website search engine antecedents is the most, in addition to drainage from search engines, they really do not know where to flow. In response to this problem, many friends in the industry are listed: blog marketing, micro-blog marketing, forum marketing, e-mail marketing, QQ marketing, soft marketing, brand marketing, etc.. Most of the owners may have tried one or two ways, but the effect is very small, so we gave up. The guardian would like to say that our website is to develop for a long time, so why not keep it? In addition to search engine can flow, there is really no other method? Stand in a row in the process of operation in this year’s attempt to use QQ group marketing, and achieved certain results that cause everyone envy? We can use a variety of marketing methods, Q>

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