Talk about how to make the search engine quickly included and website promotion

website and promotion has been some new thought is a very difficult matter, it is often said, how my site has not been included ah, some new Adsense just get started, heroic utterance filled with ambition, adhere to a few days on the settle a matter by leaving it unsettled because they think their website, too little, or weak sentiment, no people on their own website, it seems to be a big problem for the majority of new webmaster. Some timidity, it is a profound question, in fact, to the easy road to jane.

I am also a

from new station came, just beginning to do a website, the blind pursuit of advanced technology and the comprehensive function, the site built one after another, but the Internet can’t seem to find how much their own footprints. Remember the beginning of the construction of a station, too excited, with friends and relatives around, said the results of friends can not find on the Internet, said that you stand on the planet which is placed on the earth, as if there is No. Depressed dead, only tell them directly to find the url.

later, through the study of some websites to promote knowledge, and gradually do their own site is also known, but also slowly groping to some tips and experience. Along the way, there are bitter sweet, feel when see a lot of new friends in the popularity of the website to worry about, here I talk about the personal experience of the web site included the experience and lessons are summarized from practice to real stand skills, and we share the common progress.

first: site positioning is very important, the content of the site to have goods, to know how to step by step;

no matter what website, first to locate the site of interest and familiar from the direction of himself and the audience, not interested, they are not familiar with the content of the website, will not be able to maintain lasting attention, cannot guarantee long-term development, so, even if you propaganda to the flow finally also is useless, because it is temporary, stay. The so-called audience, refers to the people who may visit the site, if you open a website of your class, so it is destined to come to a few people, a class up to 100 people, ha ha. Web site content should also be updated regularly, search engines like to be included in the rich content of the site is often updated, said here is not rich content refers to the content, but refers to the rich professional content. For example, a cross stitch site, cross stitch entry, cross stitch skills, cross stitch materials, embroidered with the latest trends, in short, to do professional content rich, fine, but not all big. Day in and day out, to enrich their own website, this is the right way.

second: propaganda website don’t straight temperament, not a muscle, don’t hit the south wall does not look back;

for example you do a computer technology website, and then you hear the local station information can flow to posting publicity, you will continue to post the results, the first day to the ten people, you are happy, you every day to the local information station to post, found that after a period of time only to a few people or simply, no one. But you believe the rod come true, you stick to each.

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