Example of increasing the number of visits

      I was to write an article today, don’t look at the title today are stereotypes and improve the flow of traffic! But the contents and methods are different! Today, I teach you how to optimize their own website, first of all, I like the optimization of the conditions to have the site is basically the text of the content of the site is more, I would like to use my website to do a metaphor! So we understand a little better understand,! My website is a real estate website! Static page generation! My website is basically more text! More news! Because we should all know that Baidu seems to prefer static pages of the site, the text of the words of Baidu is also more like to play a good role in the collection,

      now I take my site’s news for example, when I was in the news release in the news page added some popular keywords! These key words we can see in Baidu know, for example, tudou.com, thunder, but these my website is doing real estate website I am sending this to others see certainly very hate all these words and my website is not in conformity with the contents, so now the key is to let them see the key words to these key words masked with white words away, when you press the news content all written later don’t hurry to release point code is you this news code, plus white code with these popular key words can be

I put the code under the announcement: This is the shield white character code

< style type=" text/css" >
< —
.STYLE1 {color: #FFFFFF}
< />< span; class=" STYLE1" > thunder, tudou.com < /span>
    between tudou.com and thunder that can add key words a lot of people. This is on everyone to see the Baidu key words most hot! Add the code in the article in the blank can be added! Don’t add too much! Generally in the middle of the head and tail plus almost!

      http://s.www.ehouse365.net/html/2008-1/19/200801191308007349.html you can see me this news you point to go to see is not to see me to add these key words, but you put the above pull down part of your copy operation look to be able to see the
> I said above.

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