Summary of several common ways to promote enterprise website

actually do business websites, especially hot industry, is a difficult thing, like this site and 234 building networks, was founded to I take over, I check the flow statistics and relevant information, in May when the search company name are not ranked in the top fifty, now is the result of PR: site has reached 6, there are 5 or 4 individual pages, search keywords "building materials" can do non promotion of third, the top two is the industry website "HC, and no law than they. But let us also do not believe that, even ranked third, every day through the search engine to access the IP has just exceeded 220. I guess most of the traffic was hijacked by Baidu’s ranking dropped from here, so I also know a way, do not rely on labor-intensive enterprises to make money, must have their own products, advertising products around the reality than you to promote the development of an industry to have more relaxed and objective.

below to share with you how I made this site from 0 to do PR6, and how to make the enterprise stand more forward.

first point: domain selection is the most important

you can see my domain and 234 building network is a long domain, I started to hate, that is a very good note of the domain name, even ever again registered a good record of the phone number for the name of the domain name, but who can think of, is this domain name just let me, PR can be increased so fast, will not let people think that is a corporate website, feel more like a industry station, so in about a month I do SEO or so, one day, I suddenly found that my site PR is 6. But at the same time, I also found that PR accounts for the weight in the Google’s position is not large, although I do from the original intention of SEO is actually Google from the start, but now the actual results, every day through the baidu on IP more than 5 times higher than google.

I think for a few reasons:

1, my customer base are primary users, Baidu’s local propaganda is much better than google.

2, Baidu’s Chinese search in some of the commonly used words is indeed stronger than google.

3, I estimated that due to the involvement of Baidu rankings, Baidu Inc must have a large part of the people involved in the search work.

4, Google’s strengths is non semantic search keywords primary users do stronger than Baidu (for example Google for long tail keywords search success rate higher than Baidu), why do you say so, I working on another professional station recently, the main stream current source is Google and Baidu. It seems are not included, IP from Google is probably about 5 times those of Baidu, the station made less than a month. I did not do too much of the SEO work, just submit the content on time every day, do a few links exchange >

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