From the operation and competition on the pharmaceutical investment industry website

some time ago, netizens named the 2008 ten violence for the real estate industry, respectively, glasses, funeral, communication, medicine, cosmetics, highway, education, wedding photography, network game. Long ago people began to pay attention to the electronic commerce must be combined with the actual, so when we are running the site, in addition to consider their own resources and that nature will choose a high profit industries, especially the violent industry above, points on a piece from the violence in the industry through the internet.

these days, the forty-third session of the national special drug trade fair held in Yantai, the brother-in-law is a drug dealer, so I also help to find some information to the exhibition, the exhibition stayed for two days. The first big feeling is more people, the first day of the queue on the way to spend more than 1 hours, the big feeling is that a lot of online media, but the publicity is in place, and so are the medical advertising agency.

is located in the ten major industries of drug violence in fifth place, so there are so many vendors to participate in the exhibition, there are so many people come to find the product agent, so there have been so many pharmaceutical investment sites. In the exhibition, at least see no less than 10 of China’s pharmaceutical investment website has a big action advertising.

, hired many college students, wearing a logo website, the website name and outlandish costume before the exhibition.

two, each booth before the present name card nameplate is the medicine investment network provided with domain name.

The staff of

three, the exhibition notebook with a pharmaceutical investment promotion nets are advertising.

four, I told her husband to look for agent products, mainly to get some product information, and the most complete information is the pharmaceutical investment promotion net free medical publishing business information, give a name card can receive a 7-8, I took this thick material, from 7-8 pharmaceutical investment promotion site.

from the above can be open, so large-scale propaganda website, every industry website estimates have got rid of the grassroots mode, have company in the operation, but also should profit, otherwise is not possible then came all this way from Yantai to run a whoop and a holler.

in order to understand how these sites are making money, how would be so rich, I have to communicate with those who know the manufacturers who. Come to a conclusion, in the hope that those who want to do industry stand friends have some help.

a, want a good theme, the home page is considered to have the resources you have, and then find those profiteering industry, less competition. This is almost a nonsense, oh, but I think with people is the most important one, I have done an emerald square website ago, the reasons to do is to have a very good friend of the emerald business, then heard big profits, competition is also large, but the competition of industry profits hardly ever. After doing it, it should be said that the failure to do more, what is the reason for failure?

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