How to use the new network marketing

today’s economic situation has a great impact on the development of SMEs, if the company does not deal with the relationship between the cost and benefits of the situation, will soon face a situation of distress. In order to get rid of this situation, we need a marketing method which can not only control the cost but also get the relative benefit.

traditional marketing methods can not be separated from TV advertising, outdoor advertising, media advertising and other situations, but such marketing methods for the development of small and medium enterprises is very unrealistic. Faced with the crisis of development of small and medium enterprises need is a little money, but the effect can be sustained for a long time in the form of marketing.

network marketing is currently relatively popular, many small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt such means of marketing, but most of the follow-up is blind, many enterprises are some of the network marketing only a smattering of network marketing companies to mislead, wasted time, wasted energy, missed the opportunity.

for small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing methods, the rapid establishment is very blind and wrong understanding. One of Beijing’s earliest engaged in network marketing network company Beijing gesolo pointed out: if the enterprise needs the achievement of network marketing, the first step is not a station, should be investigated to understand their products and services, to understand the real needs of potential customers of the enterprise. Only combined with the above findings, in order to plan on the basis of the site column, classification, page content and other key sites related factors.

station can not bring the network revenue for small and medium-sized enterprises, because this is the initial work of network marketing, Beijing Wangzhicheng pointed out: after the line on the website, the daily update management needs more ways to optimize the internal work, site wide professional external information release and website. The combination of the three work, the site will be on the network to obtain a great foundation to enhance, then the enterprise will benefit from it.

Optimization of the internal

website, this work is the first step, is also particularly important step, internal website optimization work, will seriously affect the following three tasks, increase website promotion cycle basis. And now exist in most of the Internet on understanding web site optimization service, this work itself is insufficient, many are under the brand opened, three or four months after the disappeared, seriously disturbed the market, many enjoy "low price" of the enterprise can yell helpless. I have done an investigation, in the Google search engine, search Beijing website optimization, after reading the home page ten results, found an interesting phenomenon. The search results show that 5 Internet companies, although the Beijing website optimization services, but the site has no relevant successful cases, 2 network companies have success stories of the page, but after the opening, only 4, 5 other website thumbnails and web site, and no specific case effect, this kind of success case page confusing. The last 2 network company in both cases and effect, but the example is very rare and even keywords, basically no >

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