China’s top ten women’s websites

: the first ( is Ruili brand on the Internet platform to expand successfully, has now become a service to the community, and the Chinese China global leading online media and value-added information service provider. She serves as the core of female users, advocating the survival of women, through the integration of information services, functional services and business services, to create a beautiful living space for women.

second place: Pacific women’s network (

PClady through the construction of beauty center, life and fashion, is committed to providing information about the lives of women fashion, fashion life elements include life, appearance, beauty, taste, art, leisure, health, home. PClady also provides a unique interactive space for women’s life, is a place for all the beautiful women to show their confidence, but also to show the different women’s lifestyle.

third: female online (

women online website founded by Hunan today’s women’s newspaper in 1999. In these years, the female online always adhere to the perspective of women to reflect the rapid development of society, has been named as one of China’s top ten women website.

"women’s online" website in the column construction, has always caught the attention of all aspects of the current white-collar women, we have created a number of rich women of the era of practical service column. While the new building "37° interactive characteristics of women’s community" as the representative, the prominent intellectualism and express ideas and sincere, let more 37° women can enjoy the fashion taste of life has never been here.

fourth: Ladymax female network (

women’s fashion sharing community, including beauty, fashion, emotion, public relations media, lingerie, shopping, discount, mother and baby, home, sex, cosmetics trial, etc..

fifth place: Women’s world (

women’s world network, clothing underwear, beauty and skin care, weight loss, emotional marriage, sexual health, gynecological diseases as one of the integrated female network!

sixth: ABC personal care website (

welcome to ABC personal care website, China’s leading online women’s professional care website!

seventh: Hers female network (

Hers women’s network after 2007, in 2008 the two major revision, the development of the content covers 11 channels, the 1 electronic magazine, >

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