Local classification information network choose encircling the cities from the countryside

I got a local website (is also a year site, just this year, because of busy work, I care not to), (www.0759114.com) at this time, I think of home business, but the contents of the site to be continuously filled with good. The content of the website is packed after I went to assorted, the website of local application link. However, PR high and less visibility of local sites are not willing to do with my so-called new sites do friendship. To find them, many of them say that my site is not enough to reject the world rankings.

then I think, they are not willing to do friendship connection with me, do I wait? I can’t stand, not to die, I have a heart of entrepreneurship, I have to take the initiative. Then I thought of a way. What way? My way is to do a local "Zhanjiang City navigation web site (http://s.www.zjwzz.com)" network site, you must first collect the local web site, for the collection of complete and comprehensive, and I a station search, a local site friendship connection tracking in the past, about a a week’s time, the site collected almost, but my Zhanjiang web site uploaded to the web space, and then check it again. (this is my character, I don’t like the contents of dead links).

to be able to think that they can then go to the local station to publicize, ask them to add my site of friendship. At this time, the situation is different, my city navigation, the local site must want to own site is included into the place where they are sincere navigation. So, friendship a little bit up. Of course, to engage in local sites, to achieve profitability, to pay ten times more than the garbage station of hardship and effort, but also a good profit model. Of course, this is not a question of profit, omitted. But the University and can look at my stupid as "regional website management method and error", a Baidu, you can find.

controlled local navigation, to develop their own local website, it is a tiger with wings added, handy. Like Baidu to speed up the development of their own search business, the acquisition of the 123 good as the truth, this is, I was learning Baidu Oh, but the way is different, he is a national, I am a local.

finally, I would like to say, to control the local station, first to control local navigation. Future: Ma’s words to sum up: future development is the development of local navigation.

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