Travel ERP burden or lever

when holidays come, travel is always the hottest topic. Despite the impact of the snowstorm, we still off the first Spring Festival holiday holiday adjusted, a few happy tears, this sudden disaster, let China tourism industry once again realized that the vast sea of information, and information, accept the rapid judgment, perhaps, determines a tourist enterprise.

today, tourists demand for individual travel, personalized travel, travel is becoming more and more strong. The first 08 years of the golden week, although large-scale tuituan climate objective reasons for the domestic many travel agencies caused a lot of trouble, but there are still a considerable number of travel agencies caught short trips, outbound market opportunity, quickly and reasonably adjust the product structure, to seize the market hot spots, earn a basin full alms bowl, and their success largely depends on the accurate grasp of market information, the myriads of changes and rapid action.

for information technology, China’s tourism enterprises have an urgent desire and huge practical needs, but in reality, China’s information construction is not perfect. Whether software or hardware. From the construction of the entire database to the relevant personnel training, at least 10 years after the international tourism industry to 15 years. In the final analysis, China’s tourism industry lacks a practical and effective ERP system.

a, what is tourism ERP

ERP system is based on the research of manufacturing enterprise internal resource management system. Based on modern information technology as a kind of advanced management thought and management mode, it embodies a kind of "people can do their best to do their job," the management objective. Therefore, it must be combined with the management characteristics of different industries to meet the individual needs of different industry management. Thus, the real effective ERP management system must be able to solve the specific problems of each industry, so the vertical deepening of the ERP market and industry application characteristics has become an inevitable direction of the development of ERP products.

as early as a few years ago, the concept of ERP has entered the Chinese tourism industry. Relative to the manufacturing industry ERP is a pre planned event, the tourism industry is mainly involved in the incident, which includes more dynamic components, more randomness. Therefore, the construction of tourism ERP system is more complicated, and the cost is quite high

in recent years, some of the new ERP system vendors are developing modular ERP systems gradually replace the traditional huge system. The same way network ( research and development of "Liuhe marketing" is such a software, he will be "financial management, customer management, line management, channel management, resource management, internal control of the six major modules are integrated together, to do so, not only for each user to provide solutions. And when the user tailored, changing business environment and business model, the modular system itself can easily be modified to adapt to the new requirements proposed by the users.

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