Advertising alliance the evolution and effect of advertising from ancient times

many stories handed down from ancient times in between to prove that advertising since a long time ago there and the public, but then we are not aware of the importance of property rights, are not aware of advertisement publicity. However, these methods of the ancient times also have a new model.

sentence "I opened the mountain, this tree that I planted, going from passing, leaving the road to buy money" classic loot language, and prove the ancient reputation power, also proved a good promotion language can be immortal. Comparison of the modern society, the classic advertising slogan "a diamond ring of a diamond is forever, forever" is not difficult to see, although the advertisement has no longer play, but it remain in the hearts of the people the impression is that sentence and loot language, people, it is difficult to forget.

Kangxi 38 years (AD 1699), Kangxi Yubi Pro Ten Views of the West Lake "broken bridge", "bridge" was renamed "broken bridge", meaning hill at the end of the road. This name, originally may be a bit more famous scenery is fascinating, it also proved that in ancient times there are leaders from the advertisement effect, the star effect and that in modern society, which is similar to advertise on TV tomorrow, are the people familiar to induce consumption.

the ancient east to emulate the beauty, learning her chest, frowning, light to move the appearance of so, but the opposite effect, simply speaking, it is also a kind of publicity for their own publicity, publicity but failed. The existing Fengjie, Sister Lotus’s high-profile appearance, although they are not beautiful, but they understand the packaging, publicity, and they are successful, compared with ancient, they have a copy of their own self-confidence, they dare to show their own characteristics, the beauty of a woman is not the only aspect, sometimes wisdom is more important. This is when there is a gap between them, and led directly to the final failure.

recorded "Zhu Po poetry": "Dongpo like addicted pig in Huanggang, taste the drama" eat pork poem "cloud:" slow fire, less water, the furnace when he from the United states. Daily up a bowl, with their king Mo tube. "" In 1089 he transferred to the Hangzhou Prefecture, which is known from the Dongpo’s braised pork. And then Dongpo’s braised pork in the Zhejiang handed down, and today it has become a well known and Zhejiang dishes, the dishes to eat in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang in other places, usually will be questioned whether the tunnel, which is a kind of advertising effect has spread so far, also can say is a typical place according to the characteristics of different forms of advertising success.

again for a festival, the ancient marriage has been the red head, red bridal, down the street from the trumpet on drums came to the home, you must be wondering about this ad, yes, this is a kind of ancient advertising, is the marriage of both do propaganda, the purpose is to tell folks I have to marry, and marry the 2 don’t come. Compared to modern times, the modern man is replaced by a ring

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