Through the valley of the elder sister see successful event marketing tips bangdakuan

GuJie topped the network media and Baidu billboard, visible GuJie event marketing is successful. The success of the GuJie mainly come from the "Google" fame, GuJie the successful "bangdakuan" let her overnight! As "Jia Junpeng" events like the 600 world of Warcraft game player, of course, is a hundred responses to a single call. So the event marketing to be successful, one secret is "bangdakuan". Of course, the time to marketing also need to all aspects of the report have a great success, so when a follow-up is very important, such as the "GuJie" incident, I saw the report to her website the general feeling like nothing left at first, later in the iResearch and see her report, he went to see next, found his search with many Alibaba, appeared beside the figure, may still have a relationship with the Alibaba.


of course, the network society is now too impetuous, Gu sister really want to get up there is still a long way to go. I used a "dog in the ferry" search engine is near to the big money, now a general



a lot of attention to the latest popular events, perhaps you that sits near the big money to your flow is up! Successful event marketing tips "bangdakuan"


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