Boring B2B how to do content marketing

an observation

most people are just using the product of "professional"

to cover up the marketing content of the "boring".

when it comes to content marketing, people will always think of Coca-Cola, Durex, Uber these brands, compared to the "boring" B2B marketing, the B2C brand is stronger, the topic of a wider audience, and the user can easily because they see the interesting content and consumption.

B2B enterprise marketing can only use the "boring" the way it is necessary to do more interesting content marketing?


traditional B2B business marketing, including telephone sales, mail, trade show, door-to-door sales, etc.. Now it seems that these measures still effective, some companies also try to do content in social media, but most of them are talking seriously.

they ignore an important point: the so-called B2B, that is your business model, it should not be your style of communication, the communication object, your face is still the "person", not a "enterprise without emotion". In the field of content marketing, only "people to people".

said, we are professional and targeted are strong, customers will not pay because those garish things.

in fact, most people are only in the use of products, professional to cover up their own marketing content boring".

think you are willing to read a boring papers or a nutshell online in an interesting science article? Those goals of your customers, their interests are changing, whether it is to spend more time on the Internet, love things, fresh love more vivid brand image



B2B enterprise content marketing is to do what

the most direct: expansion of sales leads to form a long tail effect

a lot of the market follow the 28 law, the B2B industry is the same, that is, the key account of the big customers accounted for 80% of total revenue of $20%. But after the popularity of the Internet, another noun began to play the role of the long tail effect.

long tail effect on the 28 law of the challenge is that the formation of the non mainstream elements of the long tail is not only 20% of the share, but more, perhaps even more than 50%. As long as we expand the sales leads contact enough, it is possible to capture these are generally ignored 30%. The Internet, the user may be the only way to touch.


The essence of

content marketing is to attract users through the creation of valuable content and thus the formation of consumer transformation. Developing sales leads means a series of

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