The 6 marketing weapons of network marketing


how to carry out network marketing, how to do network marketing, this article from the network marketing methods commonly used to Arsenal inside the weapon, a high lethality sorted by intensity, so you can intuitively understand the network marketing strategies and techniques, and network marketing activities in your own company and website, handy to use they.

network marketing first weapons: the atomic bomb, the price of


there is no doubt that this is the fastest way in the network marketing. If you have no other weapons available, you can use to cut nuclear weapons. Why? Because the price of this kind of marketing method, easy to control, kill ten thousand self harm eight thousand, it does not pay. Even more dangerous is to sacrifice the quality of products and services, self-image, self brand.

of course, it’s not impossible. If the price is only your network marketing program, used to promote the capture potential, it is possible. But the price of the product is as much as the front end of the shopping cart, so the cost of marketing down, competitors also hit, but did not hurt the car back end product profits.

network marketing second weapons: aircraft – advertising bombing

said that modern war is a three-dimensional war sophisticated, in the small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing business, is the same, to use advertising to air operations. The bombing of advertising purpose is to spread information, build brand image, which is the main function of rich media ads, bombing sites are usually on TV and the radio, the Internet and other multimedia platforms, and in newspapers, magazines, Internet advertising and other media, it is recommended that you use the method of direct type advertisement of network marketing.

for small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing, advertising is necessary, but also to do, not to engage in advertising everywhere, they put the money to burn up. Many buy site is so dead.

network marketing third weapons: tanks – terminal coverage

this is the battlefield of the network marketing from the line to the next line of transfer, the ground floor of the most powerful weapons of attack, it is clear that the tank, you know. Relative to the aerial operations of advertising bombing, the ground battlefield gives you the opportunity to close contact with consumers. Air operations are designed to open up the brain cells of the consumer, so that they remember you; to the tank when it is necessary to open the other side of the wallet, do sales.

network marketing fourth weapons: submarines – public service marketing

Mr. Ma Yun once said a word, the general meaning is this: in the heart of public welfare, with a commercial approach to marketing. Said that this is a large enterprise and Entrepreneur Social Responsibility a way of expression, said small, or to do their own image advertising, marketing. Why Wenchuan earthquake Wong Lo Kat donated 1 hundred million, followed by the ban Wong Lo Kat before the fire up. This is the effect of a variety of network marketing weapons at the same time launch attacks. Both.

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