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I haven’t open GOOGLE mail, I subscribe to the GOOGLE news website optimization is about this aspect of the learning materials, today saw a "happy net" report. Happy network is now more and more fire ah, each successful site has its own advantages and successful methods. Happy network is done if the following is reproduced content, we look at.

how do you join the happy net? The answer to that question, the same.

Lin Mingjun, director of the center for the production of Tencent in its blog has such a phrase – never received so many messages from the same site. These messages are known to be my friends invited to issue, in fact, are happy to send the network, there are people who have MSN, I think almost all of the harassment of happy network. If you register your MSN account number and password, they will have the right to send invitations to all your friends. So you see here is not difficult to find the secret of success of happy net, this kind of marketing tactics not happy net first, before there has been a lot of websites used in the current Internet China rights system is not perfect in the premise, we can only "chaotic hero."."

November 2007, happy net (www.kaixin001.com) owner — Beijing happy people Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded. March 2008, happy online line operation. Then, the rapid surge in popularity. Many of the media reports, the amount of registered users reached about 20000000, far more than 700 million pageviews a day, Sohu and Sina, known as "white collar Chinese first SNS (social network service, in line with the reality of friends and friends of friends interactive website)".

was born not long have behind such a good performance, is happy net by many people criticized the "viral marketing" — like a virus, electronic mailbox suddenly dozens of letters issued by the name of acquaintances message, the content is invited to join the link. Then the "viral marketing" is the basic means to expand the popularity of these SNS sites? The reporter contacted one of the campus network and founder of the largest number of users of domestic SNS wang. Although the comments on happy net is inconvenient, but he said: "word of mouth is indeed very important for SNS, but not necessarily for bombing the invitation. For example, I participated in the creation of the campus network in the first two years did not use the invitation of friends, as well as the development."

happy net is a social network, is a virtual world, online can be achieved on the line no thing, for example: "like money, cars, stocks, hospital and stuff, is to meet a psychological needs of modern young people, it is a place to release the pressure, but too the big gap between online and offline. Slim bar (www.jfs8.cn) Webmaster: when remind friends, play also should not overdo sth..

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