5 key points of enterprise network marketing can not be ignored

The value and efficiency of

network marketing emerged in the traditional enterprise is different from the The masses are sharp-eyed., the traditional marketing mode is also more and more enterprises and try to accept. Whether you in the network marketing lotus just buds, or is about to begin, can not ignore the following five key points.

first planning, and then carry out

Because the

network marketing big charm, especially in many enterprises it some successful cases, there are twelve passion in network marketing immediately. It seems very simple, actually inside contain truth, only through the planning of the network marketing, in order to do everything in good order and well arranged and handy.

planning network marketing to consider the following points:

1, determine the main marketing methods and auxiliary marketing.

2, planning stage objectives and input costs.

3, talent matching degree. Looking for the most appropriate talent and team to engage in this sector, both interested in the network, but also professional, and perseverance.

core competitiveness

companies tend to put all kinds of products on the site, even on the home page shows. The starting point of the enterprise website is to let every product in the first time by the customer to see, in fact, this behavior is not conducive to the user experience. This is equivalent to providing users with a catalog, on this site, it is difficult for customers to find the products they want.

the core products of the enterprise, the main product on the website home page, and peers are not the same products on the home page, which is enough. Whether it is for the user experience, or the distance between peers, build enterprise brand, highlighting the core competitiveness is crucial.

integration of a variety of marketing

in addition to the establishment of enterprise web site, as well as search engine marketing, blog marketing, e-mail marketing, B2B marketing (Alibaba, LookChem, etc.), B2C marketing (Taobao, etc.). And no one method is universal, every kind of marketing There are both advantages and disadvantages. enterprise’s goal is to, through the integration of a variety of marketing, customers will be brought to the enterprise website.

to ensure high quality content website

provides users with the highest quality of content, is the most critical point of the site to attract users. A real effort to do network marketing business, can be seen from a lot of details. Detailed product description, exquisite pictures, professional uses, etc., can reflect the content of the site is good or bad.

some sites on the surface seem to have everything: products, descriptions, pictures, etc., but the content of a single, too general description of the structure of the site confusion…… These are not from the customer point of view of the site, it is impossible to attract visitors.

pay attention to website service consciousness

do web site

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