Novice webmaster to website promotion

website promotion may be a piece of cake for some of the old owners, but it is definitely a problem most headaches for beginners. To a certain extent, the site’s traffic is proportional to the success of the site. And let us continue to fight for, is that poor ip.

novice website promotion not anxious, some webmaster even site just do what have not started to so-called promotion. As the saying goes, do the same things. The first step is to promote the content of the site to do a good job, at least to take shape, there are people to look at the information or resources. Otherwise, even if someone came to see, but also will rush away, leaving a bad impression.

if the content has been aware of the site, then the real promotion.

how to promote the Internet now? What automatic posting machine, QQ group batch bulk software what a lot, it is caught everyone anxious heart. These things are effective in the short term, but if you don’t want others to use your site as a dumpster, don’t use it. After all, no one likes to send a large ad. And these tools with bad consequences is also very serious, may appear in a short period of a large number of the chain, but these posts will be deleted one day, advertising stickers will also attract the search engine’s disgust. This The loss outweighs the gain..

Forum promotion is feasible. Before saying so much is not to say that the forum can not be promoted, QQ group can not be promoted, it is recommended that we go to see a book called the world’s greatest salesman. Promotion is everywhere, but the need for skills, need to mind. For example, you help others in the forum to answer the question after a small ad, it is very objectionable. When you mix in the QQ group of a familiar face, a small advertising we can bear. With the promotion website, are not anxious for.

Baidu know that the novice webmaster to give up directly, the audit is too strict, not the average person can do, is also counterproductive. Soso is the author in here to recommend to you, why is this so, Baidu found poster is direct title, soso soso itself is not true, audit requirements are relatively low, more important is, if your answer does not meet the requirements, it will always tip you change, have been able to appear in front of people. And popularity is not low, the key to this promotion of the audience is very clear, you can bring direct traffic to the site.

inaction. Inaction is the highest realm. Does not mean doing nothing for inaction, mean himself not to active promotion, the real meaning is to allow us to improve the website content, if you really have the first-hand resources, the information of a spider love, you really don’t need to promote.

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