The 4 basic principles of nternet plus the era of community operation

the article introduce four iron community marketing law, four basic principles of today’s Internet marketing Xiangzi and talk of social operation, social marketing detonated four law shows a rapid rise of the path and will face difficulties, in the face of instant touch to millions or tens of millions of users of the temptation of the industry don’t want to be just a meteor, connection point, contact point on to reverse, part of a recession curve. Another common way of socializing began to be included in, for the second half of the trend curve as smooth high proposition provides a new angle to solve the adhesion and retention, that is, social operation.

community operations: personal relationship chain and community, is the most common form of social networking two. If you recall these two forms of the social network in the typical scene of the two, it is friends and group (and topics). Reflected in the products, such as WeChat, micro-blog is a kind of the individual users as the core of social behavior of the products; one is like watercress, Post Bar circle, this topic as the core, topic, circle obtaining information based on, to find a sense of people or things of interest, so as to better expand the circle of life the product, also known as the vertical social product. This will be the trigger for the next wave of social dividends.

at present, community is one of the early adopters will detonate in the best way users long-term adhesion, transformation, but also for the enterprise and the application of cold start, quickly into the social network provides solutions. In the mobile Internet, a user application on active performance is one of the key data shows that quality of the relationship between the user and the application, but also represents the product quality, quality of operations and a series of core issues, and the number of new users and other key data together, constitute the core data of a free enterprise. 10% of the proportion of active day has been recognized as the industry’s best level.

for the enterprise, the biggest challenge is how to create and manage such community atmosphere. There are at least four principles: the principle of a play in effect: not the enterprise to build a community, but allow users to own (key enterprises build up into the community or community community link) operation goal is a point of contact to build more natural and users, businesses and households with the connection between time and frequency becomes longer; two is to allow users to each other, to achieve adhesion. For many companies, the cost is the first threshold to be crossed, how to build a low cost operation


Zhang Huiling is the director of design for an interior design company, who has launched an interior design work to appreciate the experience of communicating with the community called (interior design show). Because now the urban population on the quality of decoration design requirements and the importance of home environment comfort, more and more white-collar home and industry peers into the circle. With the passage of time, group members recommended, introduce each other and group information can be retrieved and spread, join in the platform of interior design enthusiasts gradually up, different members of working time, experience is not the same, we all benefit "in the enjoy excellent design works and share experience in the process of design

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