A brief talk on the experience of local station promotion Part one

local station two years began to be more and more attention to the webmaster. From 09 years began to flock to the local site.

although the local station is a very convenient type of profit, but there are still a lot of grassroots webmaster wandering outside the profit circle, can not find the entrance, because they did not find suitable for their own promotion methods.

the first thing to do is to know the local station, let others know your station, know your station, recognize your station.

QQ group promotion, a lot of people are using this method, but I think the effect is limited, and will not be affected by the group’s welcome, at any time will you go to a group of T. As an ordinary Internet users, when they talk suddenly by a commercial, is watching TV when the shit plaster like advertising, potentially reducing their site status. In fact, the best way to promote the use of QQ should be a group of e-mail features, some of the convenience of the site information, job recruitment, real estate information and the like.

a company recruitment artist


when released in the form of the above can go out every night, because at that time most Internet users have begun to rest, and two days to get up in the morning, when a good mental state will see this message you send, if it is in the evening to see if the estimated nobody will seriously look down. Don’t bother, often night people know that night when a normal person would feel drowsy, the mind is not clear. So be sure to allow users to see in the morning of the second day, to avoid this time in the evening, free of charge to pick up a good 10 of the information sent out. The effect is very good, and users will not stand on your station.


group’s announcement is also a good location, you can contact him, to a text ads on his website you, not what the big deal for us, but for him, let him feel very face, gehangrugeshan, because they do not understand that there is no net station what big deal, more contacts, know too much.

as a grassroots webmaster, it is impossible to come up with too much RMB to promote, so we can only change a way to prepare leaflets, must be beautiful, paper better. Leaflets positive for advertising information, for the convenience of information such as the local side, common convenience phones can be printed on the back, the front is divided into 8-10 sections, left four, right four, five right or left on the middle of five, their website promotion information, so down on the 8-10 vacancy, the following can be to start looking for local businesses, it is best to find the younger, or may not believe you, each advertising 100/ yuan, a total of about one thousand copies can be printed, it can promote your website, increase your visibility, and local part of the business has a good beginning of cooperation, to facilitate future advertising forum the sale.

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