Soft Wen analysis seventy thousand hits a day of the material site soft case

with the pace of the development of network promotion, soft Wen also came into being. The biggest difference between soft and hard text is soft to give you a promotion of satisfaction, unknowingly to the customer left an impression. So, the writing of soft Wen is very important, the following to see the small M found material commune network soft writing, why can have more than 70 thousand of the amount of


example station: material commune (


(soft case:


(Baidu image search ranking chart)

the above picture is the material of soft Wen and commune in Baidu ranking, then analyzes why this article can have such a high amount of browsing, and why Baidu images can be routed to the first page of the first position


first point: the importance of the title

soft Wen’s title is the most important of the whole text, we look at the article is to look at the title of each paragraph, after the interest in reading. General readers to decide whether to see a certain content is determined by 70% large headings and subheadings. The title is the whole point of the soft Wen pen, so, in the title of the foot, and to be attractive.

the above material website will hold the title of the soft commune in the upcoming National Day this, in the title of embedded users often search the word "National Day hand" view in the user search related words to see when the title will attract entry, along with the site click rate, ranking will follow up.


(National Day hand copy keyword index)

second points: text content

write soft Wen should grasp the hot market, seize the target audience of the product is most concerned about what is easy to accept the spread of what is the problem. Otherwise, even if you draw, if it can not cater to the consumer also won’t have ideal market returns. As the example of the material community website, just the title is not enough to attract people, but also the need for the text of the market demand, high demand for the article to be a user, two, and three…… The search, which reduces the site’s jump rate, and improves user loyalty.


analysis of the above two points is small M on now is the fire material commune, we hope to be useful, I post a map, a good article will be the major site of forwarding, so soft material as shown below:

website commune


(to be forwarded to the soft Baidu experience)


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