Deng Ya Ping in the immediate search initial investment is only about 200 million Li Kaifu had to gi


] Chinese business network note Deng Ya Ping was instantly search (originally people search) general manager, have lost light 2 billion yuan? The insider said, the 2012 data, early into the immediate search in 200 million yuan of fixed assets, did not spend much money, more is spent on the reserve personnel they, at the peak of about 600 people. This is the inevitable choice of Deng Ya Ping, because there is no experience of the Internet, she must uphold the power of technology.

a number of industry sources said that the number of points to immediately search for a few years to spend 2 billion yuan is not possible, a few hundred dollars is almost.

Deng Ya Ping in the immediate search initial investment is only about 200 million Li Kaifu had its

give advice and suggestions

according to the first financial daily reported, perhaps even Deng Ya Ping himself did not think a year later, when she "chairman" Chinese ten Laurence Championships Committee reappeared in the spotlight, the public seems to have stalled in the clock as immediate search (originally people search) general manager of doubt.

as a year ago, Deng Ya Ping lost 2 billion of the news is much stronger than the other, time, and sometimes can not solve all the problems. In December 2nd last year, the first financial daily, the front page to Deng Ya Ping leave the immediate search behind the title, reported the defeat of the 2 billion rumors behind a variety of claims.

Deng Ya Ping recently interviewed out no problem, after all, she is familiar with the sports, but about "people search", according to discipline Deng Ya Ping can not say, content and rumors she interviewed together was spread rapidly, which she did not think of, no control." A person familiar with the Deng Ya Ping in December 9th to accept the first Financial Daily reporters, said.

national team search quietly developed

"we haven’t seen Deng Ya Ping this year, and there’s a lot of things to say." The original search immediately middle managers Li Ming (a pseudonym) told this reporter.

this year, who is also Deputy Secretary General of people’s daily Deng Ya Ping is a reclusive, rest for a period of time. If it were not for Deng Ya Ping, it would be difficult to focus on the birth, growth, disappearance and rebirth of the immediate search.

some of Li Ming’s old subordinates still Chinese search (new search search and Pangu search immediately after fusion). He doesn’t want to mention the past.

in August 1st last year, there is news that the search will instantly search and Pangu announced the merger of information, two search teams will be reorganized into a new company, at the end of last year, the immediate search has moved to Beijing south rings outside the Daxing District national new media industry base, Xinhua News Agency’s search in the Pan Gu there.

instant search and Pangu search "belong to the national team". National team formulation began in 2009, the relevant departments will enhance the search engine to build a strategic height of the country’s soft power, and in 2010 began to deploy to build their own knowledge

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