Bitcoin market turmoil in the domestic two or three line trading platform suffered a crisis of survi


bitcoin market turmoil two or three line trading platform suffered a crisis of survival

TechWeb reported in January 10th by Anton

five years ago, Nakamoto bitcoin officially since the birth of their hands. 3 this month, bitcoin in the dispute spent his birthday of five years. According to the five ministries jointly issued a document to prevent the risk of bitcoin, but also a whole month. In the past few days, the bitcoin currency unrest in dispute and the way up to $1000. This month, what happened in the bitcoin world? Bitcoin trading platform, game player and industry structure and sound what changes? TechWeb and now the fire coins network founder Li Lin domestic the largest trading volume has done in-depth exchanges, your interpretation of bitcoin now and in the future.

the most twists and turns of a month

last December 5th, the state five ministries jointly issued a document, the official statement bitcoin may not exist as a currency, but the transaction is legitimate, people can freely traded. This news denies the monetary attribute of bitcoin, but for most bitcoin game player, is a recognized bitcoin business status file, trading platform has become the legal status of the trading platform. But at the same time, there are speculators using the news to sell speculation caused by bitcoin in the 5000-6000 yuan around the slight shock.

, in fact, the national level bitcoin does not have a statement of monetary attributes, we are expected to do. For bitcoin players is not a bad news, and even can be said to be a favorable policy news, the state recognized the status of bitcoin investment, trading platform can also be a normal transaction. Although a small part of the view that the status of bitcoin should be a loss of confidence in the world currency, selling bitcoins, but most of the holders still believe that bits of virtual gold, long-term investment." Li Lin said.

but huge waves appeared in December 16th last year. The news came out, the central bank interviewed Alipay, caifutong and three party payment instruments, banned produce settlement transactions with bitcoin, and asked to complete the liquidation of bitcoin reflected before the spring festival.

"this is indeed we did not expect a huge bad news, the policy is expected to make a lot of game player to sell bitcoin, bitcoins can be said to be quickly plunged to more than 2 thousand yuan, of course, there will be the opportunity to speculation, from the domestic and foreign high buy low, sell. Only foreign currency market has also been the domestic currency fell down the value of the currency, the entire international market bitcoin prices are depressed." Li Lin said.

According to Li Lin

, in fact in the early policy news, the first time the trading platform with Alipay caifutong cut recharge channel, and changed to the central bank has not been interviewed to recharge Alipay transactions. But in 18, around 10 noon, Epro call the trading platform, in 1>

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