One day China students involved in kangaroo underground sites were arrested

according to the Japan Xinhua China Press reported that in February 15th, the Lunar New Year Chinese. A Chinese students but because of alleged violations of the Japanese "law" was the cause of the electrical communication Saitama police arrested.

reporter learned that the arrest of China student named Fan Beibei, is now the Yokohama City University Students in grade 2, 27 year old, now living in the city, Saitama Pu Zhou ting. According to the Saitama police investigation, fan alleged between October 2008 and July 2009, Beibei, secretly set up in the home of two computer servers, set up a "underground site" operation.

police said Fan Beibei’s underground site in 2001 2 to July, on the Chinese customers to provide access to the service of 1 million 700 thousand people. His main approach is to own the site as a relay, to help Chinese players access to a number of online games site in japan. These games site in accordance with the rules do not accept overseas user access through the relay fan Beibei "underground site", game player can impersonate Japan’s domestic users access Chinese.

fan Beibei is also on the ground floor of their own web site to add business advertising, allegedly profit 6 million yen. It is reported that van Justin has admitted to allegations of police.

the cause of the case is a bit bizarre. Saitama city police in Saitama and Urawa East Department of some students’ conversation, mention doubt yourself savings in the game in the network virtual money stolen. Police investigation, inadvertently discovered Fan Beibei’s underground site.

Japan’s "Sankei Shimbun" reported in the case that van Beibei is a "will make the students". The evaluation of whether it contains irony, the reporter thinks can regardless, but a China students overseas money must obey the law problems through the case highlighted again, this should be a wake-up call.

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