Please go out you can do a lot of

these two days all the time watching the news, concerned about Sichuan saw a lot of people died every act and every move, and really very sad, to see the pictures, feel the heart is in the blood, perhaps because of my sister "s studying there, I care for Sichuan, see those children in the quiet lying there, like the QQ group said, Montreal lying are active, few, watching the news, see the picture, I know I this two days I cry a few times, yesterday on the Internet for a long time for our Shuyang charity organization can call this afternoon donation, contact is not found, today go out into the street to try his luck, the afternoon can see their donations.

I was fortunate in the street to see their donations, a woman distribute leaflets to me, I did not pick up on the body a few ten blocks out, the left one, all donated, there should be 50 pieces, they told me to say thank you to me. Laugh, the car let people watch, ran, can I ask them to join, of course I joined, we put on the Shuyang charity volunteer to wear to the downtown traffic intersection, the first time we donated is a woman, she is in the light, see she is looking for something in the bag, put the flyers to her, said with a bit of your love, had not thought she would be the number of donations, she pulled out a 100 ah, was really excited, thanked her, I told her she could talk to me in the past that afternoon TV give her to Taiwan A close-up, she said no. Finally, we call the Shuyang reporter is good to leave her a shot.

then we tired, propaganda to see people ah, is really very funny ah, someone came to see us with a donation box asking is not Mojiang, my God, I didn’t know what to say, or not can be said with a smile, really do volunteer very tired, some people do not understand, ask the money can not arrive in Sichuan in the hands of the people, these people to consider, after all, you see the hateful official there are many, we are afraid that our love is used by others, the street also met all sorts of people have. A see we took her to the bank to donate money to the Shuyang charity list to me, take a look at this account right, there are several people, how far ran over, I really thank these people, there are some people I don’t know what they are thinking It seems that they have nothing to do with them, to give them to take away, ah, a little reaction is not, oh, I really depressed ah. Do you really do not see those painful cries? Don’t you have heard those who lost loved ones compatriots piercing moan? Do you not see those children still lying there… There is a person to say……… Well, that is what Shuyang charity I ah? Feel really very funny ah, I feel that what we are? Of course also donated a little more, the donation box we received one of the 200, saying he did not say it took 200 ah I really thank him.

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