2009 China Search Engine Research Report search habits of users

September 21st afternoon news, CNNIC released this afternoon, China’s search engine user behavior research report in 2009, the report shows that China’s search engine users has reached 235 million people, six months growth rate of up to 15.6%. Search engine in the national Internet users in the use of 69.4%, an increase of more than the end of by 1.4 percentage points since 2007, the first search engine usage growth trend.

is used as a search user:

4.5.1 search user search content analysis

combined with the characteristics of China’s Internet users as a whole network application entertainment, the use of search engines to entertainment and leisure as the main purpose. Objective to search for recreation and entertainment, music search. The highest rate reached 39.5%; while the use of film and television, video games, demand search quickly, this phenomenon proves that people consume television, video media habits are changing fast, and audio, video and image search and search become the future mainstream technology development the.

concern is: with the continuous development of the Internet domain name technology, people get more and more convenient way to web sites and web pages and simplified, and through the search engine search website, network users, the proportion dropped significantly.

compared with 2008, and the use of life information, business information, professional tools, knowledge and information related to the value of search services decreased. Among them, the use of news search rate decreased greatly, decreased by 5.4%, the use of professional data rate fell by 3.4%, using the enterprise products and shopping information search rates fell by 2.7%; life information and local information search using the rate also decreased slightly, the decline is about 1%

;Using the

value type search service rate decline the main reason can be divided into two aspects: one is the type and value of search related information content and information search service is not in place, the accuracy can not meet the needs of the user. On the other hand, the concern is 2008-2009 from the search engine industry the operation is not standardized, PPC content, mislead users click fraud and other issues, leading users trust shaken, become an obstacle to China valuable search engine. Therefore, the number and quality of value based search services need to be further improved, and the credibility of the search industry is the key to the impact of user behavior, to be further improved through government regulation and industry self-regulation.


4.5.2 search for different levels of user search content

The difference of

content of different users to search the city level mainly focused on the following points: with the decrease of the city level, the search demand for music, film and television, websites, games, pictures and other entertainment content is high. This is closely related to the depth of the Internet application of different levels of users of the Internet, which has become the preferred brand at different levels

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