Server failure caused some users can not access Facebook yesterday

          Beijing on February 21st news, according to foreign media reports, Facebook yesterday (Saturday) morning began to access failure, the affected users and users in other countries including the United states.

part of the user that can not log on to the Facebook site, although other users can log in, but the page loading speed is very slow. London, Thailand, Bangkok and Mexico City users are reflected in a similar problem, the majority of users are released through Twitter Facebook access failure messages.

Facebook spokesman Matt · Hicks (Matt Hicks) said that as a standalone server fails, so only a small part of the user access to the Facebook file, friends or specific website function when the fault.

around 6 p.m. yesterday, Facebook said it had solved the problem.

Facebook currently has more than 400 million users, the site has been stable, less similar problems. The Twitter is more frequent and more serious failure. In August last year, hackers invaded the Twitter short message system for several hours. Facebook also had several failures, but never completely shut down the site as Twitter service.

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