My steel net officially landed as the first listing of listed steel companies

June 8th news, today morning, Shanghai Steel Union e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Steel Union", my steel net for the company’s steel consultancy) official landing gem, opened at 29.58 yuan, the total market value reached 1 billion 125 million. My steel net has become the first listed steel industry website, but also following the Zhejiang nets (including a core subsidiary of Chinese Chemical Network) industry website after second successful listing.

in April 12th this year, Shanghai Steel Union (Shenzhen Stock Code: 300226) by the Securities Regulatory Commission audit "clearance", was approved in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem. In the past few years website development China industry downturn, founder Guo Fansheng said, "the industry website is lying in the window glass on the fly, there is no future bright". My steel network in the industry outlook is not optimistic about the listing of the industry to boost confidence in the development of the industry has a positive effect.

Shanghai Steel Union was founded in 2000, is the iron and steel industry information service based B2B e-commerce platform operators, the company’s main operations are "my iron and steel" (including network, English website), "I do not rust" and "soso steel" three website.

2009, my steel net annual turnover of billions of dollars, nearly 80% of its revenue from membership fees + ads ", this is the profit pattern in iron and steel site representative.

according to public data show that as of the end of 2010, the number of registered members of my steel network 29.32, the total number of members of the charge of 32 thousand and 300, 2008-2010 CAGR of up to 90% and 36%. According to industry estimates, the number of iron and steel industry B2B site has more than 15, my steel network market share of up to 56%, much higher than the share of the top ranked China’s combined steel network of 7% in.

as of press time, Shanghai Steel Union fell slightly, temporarily reported 27.72 yuan.

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