Created 10 billionaires storm technology is a tuyere blown by a pig

"I don’t like the word"

, "but there’s no other word to describe it," said Feng Xin. In 2015, Feng Xin and storm technology playfully like a king without a crown.


once created 10 billionaires in the

Feng Xin, the man behind the monster, the first few years of graduation or a failed North drift, but he felt his way of life should not be dead by his salary, so in 2005 he chose to do poineering work, set up a hot technology (storm technology predecessor), was one of only a dozen small company rely on, help the company to earn some diversion, fast money, also have millions of monthly income, but Feng Xin did not meet.

started to build the VIE architecture from the company in 2006, to Cai Wensheng, IDG has invested, Feng Xin the university has been persuaded to bully, from the beginning is directed to the U.S. market to the target.

In May 2015

, a listing on the storm technology has created a myth, in less than two months, the 37 consecutive trading board, the stock price rose 41 times, storm technology inside the birth of 10 billionaires, 31 millionaires, 66 millionaires.

storm technology created the first demon shares in 2015. But not only wealth, but also questioned, some people say the storm technology have shell, just a pig was blowing tuyere.

shares plunged, restructuring frustrated, storm technology was hit by a surprise

storm technology listed at the beginning, although staged a miracle A shares, but did not get rid of the fate of collapse. From March 29th to 114.98 yuan to reach the high price of the closing price of $58.50 in May 18th, storm technology is like a broken line kite turned down, just a short period of two months the share price fell nearly 50%.

in June 7th, the Commission announced that the subject of the company’s profitability has greater uncertainty, does not comply with the relevant provisions,

storm Technology issued shares to buy assets have not passed. This not only means that Nicky Wu gave Liu Shishi 200 million dowry storm technology also means vanish like soap bubbles, enter the film, games, overseas dream, a paper notice halted by the csrc.

successful listing, creating a miracle of A shares, but was plunged in the stock price and the Commission’s announcement of a paper caught a surprise.

frustrated behind the hardware, content is not strong enough

share price plummeted, restructuring is just a superficial phenomenon, the fundamental reason is that hardware, content is not strong enough.

in the science and technology system, the hardware can be said to be the pain can not be said, its hardware production mainly concentrated in the storm and the storm mirror commander two companies, but it is reported that the two companies are state > in long-term losses

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