360 mask invitation only played 10 minutes after our show

today, 360 held a theme free conference at the 798 cafe. Conference from the official start to the end, only 10 minutes. Became the shortest conference in history. Yesterday, many science and technology circle reporter friends received 360 invitations to do IT mask, ears Pan Haixiang also published an article entitled "masks of invitation, which is to be released 360 security mask" guess the rhythm?, which make people feel very fresh and curious.

before the start of the conference today, 360 broadcast video equipment, intelligent crack reading video, please magician performing magic tricks, and the reporters came to the scene of the interactive, mysterious feeling.

The official

conference did not publish any news, only show "beauty", "magic magician off" the pieces don’t miss the headlines. Officials did not give any speech, only in the dialogue between the reporter and the director revealed 360 new products will be launched, so that reporters at a loss.

, the magician energy-saving performance, the most absorbing eye. Not only because beauty is off only bikinis, but because every magician take off a piece of beautiful clothes, "appears on the screen of your XX has been cracked, your XX is also safe?", with the magician energy-saving performance, the image to remind everyone if they do not pay attention to the security of network information, hackers will be stripped privacy.

After 360

, let reporters to experience the characteristics of lottery games in advance, as long as Chinese guessed this year Internet Security Conference which has cracked 5 smart devices, you can get a iPhone6, unfortunately, but winning 360 in order to control the risk, only set up 5 units of iPhone6, the user will send him winning 360 children Bracelet 1 a set of 1 sets, 360 Chilean key.

as to exactly what the smart device is cracked, it is necessary to wait 24 months of this year, China Internet Security Conference in order to know it!

IT ear micro signal: erduomi

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