The Ministry of the five big trick the fight against telecommunications fraud involved shutting down

Zhang Feng, chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said today that the Ministry of industry through the implementation of the real name registration, corporate accountability and other five aspects of the work to prevent the fight against the new telecommunications network crimes

. Among them, with the public security organs to set up the Ministry, the provincial two involved in the phone number quickly shut down, involving clues fast query mechanism, with the public security departments involved in shutting down the phone number 520 thousand.


Zhang Feng said that some time ago, several communications fraud caused by the loss of life and property, especially the Shandong Linyi death Xu Yuyu cheated tuition, we feel sad and sorry. After the incident, the Ministry of industry to carry out the relevant verification work in the first time, in a timely manner will be involved in the relevant number user registration information and other relevant information in accordance with legal procedures available to the public security organs, and actively cooperate with public security organs to do further investigation work.

Zhang Feng, member of the Ministry as the State Council governance to combat telecommunications network new criminal work of the inter ministerial joint conference, conscientiously implement the relevant national plan, based on industry management responsibilities, focus on the communications industry related sectors, continue to increase efforts to guard against. Here are several aspects of work:


1, real name registration, recently the basic telecom operators and virtual operators to social information or notice, this year completed the registration work 40 million old users, mainly is the real name registration, no real name is now to the real name. The new network phone users have realized all the real name registration. At the end of August this year, the phone user name rate has reached 94%. The goal is to reach 96% by the end of October, at the end of the year to reach one hundred percent.

2, in terms of cleaning up, the existence of these problems were cleaned up and rectification, the cumulative shut down illegal voice line 17 thousand, enterprise customer service phone (telephone number) 310 thousand.

3, the technical means of prevention construction, guide the telecom enterprises to build a part of telephone fraud and technical means of prevention, the average monthly 140 million times to intercept telephone fraud, we will further increase the intensity of. The first is the key area by means of technology, all of the number is not standardized, suspicious phone number and call to intercept, that is to say that these phone calls to the user, or try to compress this type of fraud telephone number.

4, in terms of corporate accountability, a total of 143 companies to investigate violations, handling violations of the staff of 231 people. Guide in terms of publicity, urging the telecommunications companies to provide telephone fraud identification reminder service to the user, and the warning short message 4 billion 500 million.

5, in cooperation with the fight against crime, and public security organs to establish a department of the provincial level two the telephone number quickly shut down, fast query mechanism involving clues, cooperate with public security departments involved shutting down the telephone number 520 thousand.

Zhang Feng said

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