Zhou Hongren huge space for the development of agricultural websites

Said in the "2008 China agricultural informatization annual summit"

National Information Technology Advisory Committee Deputy Director Zhou Hongren the day before, the next ten or twenty years, China’s strategic space in rural areas is the development of information, it is necessary to the development of agriculture and rural areas, but also the need of Chinese information development.

Zhou Hongren said that at present, China’s urban and rural areas in the information technology there is still a big difference. By the end of this year, China’s urban population computer ownership rate reached about 60%, while the rural population is less than 4%. At the same time, is also a great eastern and Western China’s rural gap, Eastern rural population computer rate has reached 6.2%, while the western rural population computer ownership rate is only 0.42%, the Midwest rural informatization is relatively backward.

Zhou Hongren said that the gap is the opportunity. With the development of agriculture and rural areas and cultural conditions continue to improve, the future development of information technology environment in China will be getting better and better, therefore, agricultural websites in China as long as to continue to develop in depth direction, the space can be great.

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