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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network March 31st news, once every guest is how brilliant, the old has released Rhetoric: "I hope I will be able to buy LV, then sell the same price with VANCL, I also want to buy CONVERSE, canvas shoes sold in 50, with 6 years of excellence time to achieve billions of dollars, VANCL only a year, the next 5 years in the domestic VANCL become a 100 billion yuan scale company." I believe that time is old with this ability, but why now where the customer has become operational counterexample? These years we have experienced what


at the time of the Jingdong, Taobao, Amazon and other electricity providers have a large number of veteran B2C achieved explosive growth. In fact, we started more is lucky to stand in the China clothing outlet, the performance of two or three years doubled in recent years. At the same time, we repeatedly get huge financing, the rapid rise in valuation.

however, the ideal is full, the reality and the skinny. In March 2012, where the first CFO, finance director, executive vice president of marketing and other executives turnover. We plan to cancel the IPO. In June 2014, where the emergency funding chain, Brokeback self-help, which sell old core assets: proud wind up. To wind up a sale, VANCL aged CEO in micro-blog issued a sigh: "where in the course of 6 years, the wind reached indelible contribution. With the support of CITIC Industrial Fund, such as wind up in the direction of professional courier, there will be a stronger future."

This is the reflection of the aged

in 2011, where the most lively, there are more than 13 thousand people in the company, President of light level leadership has thirty or forty customers, but step by step in crisis. Now, we only have 300 people, as the core team shirt only 7 people, but the business is running smoothly. I can’t help thinking how many people used to be doing


Lei Jun said: "enough, enough attention is the ultimate reason we encounter problems." He gave me the guest out of the "three transformation to gross margin, to the organization, to KPI". Lei Jun asked me, you can only do a first focus on the most basic products? I think, the most basic shirt, can also reflect the technical content, but the most basic shirt is white shirt.

When we go on the

concentration and the ultimate path, I found that people in need can be so little. This process is like peeling the onion, the more the more difficult to peel, the more peeling the more brutal, the more stripped before we find out how much fun together and the lively people.

In the rise of

and decline, so many people distraught, but as old as now on, four years ago, where the old industry leap forward, enthusiasm, a good, who would expect every guest as a roller coaster ups and downs? No one thought, even with Lei Jun’s blessing, Lei Jun, the old two people drinking in the office until dawn "as a warning for the future", also failed to make every guest from the great mansion on the point of collapse.

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