After more than a year of social entertainment QQ was thrown on the road to catch up with WeChat’s

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last week, an article entitled after 95 basically do not use WeChat: the "brain hole" with you read 90, the article by the official WeChat open platform issued by the public. The article survived for about 2 hours and was deleted.

established in 2013, Tencent open platform currently belongs to Tencent social networking business group, mainly for QQ and QQ space to attract all kinds of partners. A few days before the article was released, Tencent held a mobile community conference in Beijing, announced a series of social networking to promote cooperation in film and television, music, online literary star. Throughout the event, did not mention a WeChat.

"98% of WeChat users are adults. QQ community of 10 to 29 years of age accounted for up to 80% users." The article after the deletion of a summary of the summary said WeChat failed to seize young users, QQ is still the mainstream in this crowd.

QQ and micro channel from 2011 the time of the birth of WeChat has already begun, but the episode this month have two competing floating to the surface.

from Tencent released last week, the second quarter financial figures is not difficult to see the reasons for the intensification of competition. Mobile game revenue growth slowed down significantly, an increase of 82% from the year down to 18%. And almost double the income of mobile social advertising has become a new star. But today the discussion outside Tencent’s advertising, on the QQ had not a small circle of friends but advertising popups, 500 in case a.

today’s mobile phone QQ single from the number of users, and WeChat is a well matched platform. After several attempts, Tencent in 2013 to solve the mobile phone QQ 2, such as mobile phones and PC can not log in at the same time the failure of the design, then the phone QQ users began to grow steadily.

but QQ is not an active advertising platform, its revenue from the long-term membership. Strive for advertisers efforts began in 2013, when the first time in millet QQ space to sell mobile phones. Meizu, HUAWEI, HTC, a plus more than half of China’s mobile phone manufacturers have also started in QQ space.

after a few scattered attempts, in May 2014, QQ added a social platform called interest tribe, trying to rely on the topic of entertainment to retain users. Tencent Inc senior executive vice president Tang Daosheng called, social medium.

over the past year, QQ has added a number of public interest, interest number, service number and other new features around the interest tribe, and established a cooperative relationship with Huayi brothers.

if you only use QQ and many years ago did not see the alumni chat, may be included in the QQ

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