YY WeChat coffee to Juxian qijianxiatianshan teach you play WeChat marketing


Master large Galai! A5 station network in early 2015 large YY exchange "community, WeChat, micro business", the evening of February 5, 2015 20:00, in the YY63002 channel, the seven big coffee industry (WeChat seven), will launch the WeChat marketing, micro business play experience sharing and exchange, warm discussion.

A5 held YY large exchange, aims to build an open platform for the user, so that some micro marketing enthusiasts and the Internet are Daga on this platform to exchange ideas and explore the law, consensus, strengthen communication between researchers and practitioners. We look forward to making it the most professional and most valuable industry conference.

the meeting invited WeChat from the media alliance founder WeMedia – party love rain, micro Amoy founder – back brother, Pippi wizard assistant president – Peng, 28 founder Mou Changqing, 360 League director Guo Jijun, founder of friends of Nanjing cattle – bright and sinus network Reds 94 years derivative pioneer League founder chest Li Qixi, the meeting around the community, WeChat, micro business communication research in three directions of depth, wanted to listen to the large coffee is what WeChat fans and micro business? Then come to the YY63002 channel, remember each other tell your buddies, the evening of February 5th 20:00, we Be There Or Be Square




discussion topics: Community * * * * WeChat

place: YY voice channel, room number 63002

participation time: January 5, 2015, 8 pm -11 point


Fang Yu


well-known from the media, WeChat co-founder of the media alliance WeMedia, the famous WeChat marketing experts. Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, Shandong University, and the island is a lecturer, CCTV, Shenzhen TV station invited guests, currently serving as the number of Listed Companies in new media marketing consultant.

figure elder brother


The head of

group, leg goddess fan founder, love micro Amoy founder, Beijing goddess fan culture media CEO, modeling large coffee, micro business leader in the field of business model, 80.

tube Peng


well-known webmaster, Pippi wizard assistant president, Anhui Yanhuang network science and technology limited company founder, deputy general manager of the V5 promoter, K push TeamRoyal sponsor, Anhui Youth Association Deputy Secretary General, Baidu Entrepreneurs Club and director of Anhui Internet Alliance organizers, webmaster Association sponsors. >

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