2011 Chongqing nternet webmaster conference live video

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            assembly time:

April 9, 2011

assembly location:

Chongqing science and Technology Museum


guests sign, host: Aerospace (China Broadcasting host network CEO) Hua Xiaoqi (challenge host most potential winner)

08:00-09:00 began to sign on the phone with two-dimensional code sign, the gift bag, according to the lottery photo

09:00-09:25 conference officially began to host the guests and conference hosted, hosted, CO organizers and local media

leadership speech, guests speak on behalf of

09:25-09:30 leadership speech Yin Huachuan (deputy director of Chongqing Municipal Commission by letter)

09:30-09:35 Xie Honghua (deputy director of Chongqing communications authority)

09:35-09:50 conference organizers keynote speech to strengthen industrial cooperation, create a win-win value chain, Yin yuan (deputy general manager of Chongqing Telecom)

09:50-10:00 conference organizers, guests speak on behalf of the "ten years of experience sharing station" (Dong Qinfeng)

10:00-10:10 entrepreneurial road, win at the starting point Cai Wensheng (4399 games, the famous angel investor)

10:10-10:20 entrepreneurial opportunities in the mobile Internet era Ma Guolin (Senior Manager of Baidu alliance)

10:20-10:30 first round draw lottery guests:

Leibo (Chongqing telecom value-added service operations center director)

Wang Wei (Chongqing Internet association secretary general)

Li Zhigao (Tianji Group CEO)

Yao Zhang (secretary of Chongqing Electric Association chairman, Chongqing WebUnion)

local website operator

10:30-10:40 keynote speech "the ice breaking trip to the local website" Zhang Xiang (Discuz, marketing director, "webmaster" magazine editor)

10:40-10:50 "e-commerce Regional Development" (Hebei Thorvaldsen Globelink China Strategic Development Minister


10:50-11:40 Roundtable host:

Hu Yang (Huaian city CEO)

discussion guest: Bull

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