Firefox 3 extension plugin announced

Firefox of the year 3 Extension Award winners have been announced, including the new expansion and upgrade the existing extensions. The following is the list of winners:

best new extension

Pencil (author: D ng Thà NH An


Pencil will be expanded into an open source Firefox 3 Schematic drawing tool. Pencil use Firefox supported by the SVG function, used to write SVG scripts and output graphics.


Tagmarks (author: Felipe Tassario Gomes)


extension in Firefox bookmark add several new button, you can quickly add Tag

to your bookmarks


HandyTag by Ré MI Szymkowiak

HandyTag provides a complete set of keywords, you can directly use the bookmark editing interface.


best expansion upgrade

Read it Later (author: Nate Weiner)

Read It Later allows you to save the current page down after reading and bookmark is different, this function is suitable for those interested in "temporary.


TagSifter (author: Chiisai Tsu)

Firefox 3 allows you to do Tag bookmarks, but did not provide a good feature to allow you to browse bookmarks according to Tag, this extension allows you to select a set of Tag, and then the corresponding Tag bookmarks displayed.


Bookmark by John Previews Marshall

this extension for bookmarks to add a preview of the map, put the mouse on the bookmark, it will show its preview.


best music extension (author: Jorge Villalobos Jose Enrique Bolañ OS) >; > and

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